Madison County, Virginia

Capital Improvement Program

Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates is working with Madison County to develop an initial five year Capital Improvement Plan for the County’s Facilities and Capital Assets, as well as a Capital Improvement Plan process and procedure for annual updates.

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is one of the most significant planning processes for Madison County. This plan identifies the capital needs of the community over a five year period.  The effective use of the CIP process will provide for considerable advance project identification, planning, evaluation, scope definition, design, public discussion, cost estimating, and financial planning.

The objectives of the CIP include:

  • To preserve and improve the capital assets of Madison County through capital asset    construction, rehabilitation and maintenance;
  • To maximize the useful life of capital investments by scheduling major renovations and modifications at the appropriate time in the life-cycle of the facility;
  • To identify and examine current and future capital needs and establish priorities so that available resources are used to the community’s best advantage; 
  • To improve financial planning through the ability to compare needs with resources and identify future potential fiscal implications.

The goals of the CIP include:

  • Provide a routine process and procedure that enables informed decision-making to identify, evaluate, and advocate the current and future capital needs of Madison County. 
  • Balance the goals and objectives of Madison County against conditions and needs in order to efficiently allocate limited resources against competing priorities. 
  • Enhance the County’s ability to develop, improve and maintain conditions or level of services in the community; plan for future government or community facilities, establish reserve funds for emergency needs and estimate future bond issues. 
  • Develop a Capital Improvement Plan consistent with the Madison County Comprehensive Plan.  

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