A Client-Oriented approach to architecture is only successful when it is executed by a team of professionals working together towards meeting the client’s vision.  A strong company culture, a commitment to employee satisfaction and an environment for collaboration allows Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates to retain a talented and diverse team. Our people are our most valuable asset and are responsible for overall firm success for over the past 37 years.

My objective is to ensure our employees work within a team environment, exercising a collaborative design process to promote our client's vision.
John Beddia, AIA, LEED AP Principal | Managing Partner
Tom Crabtree Founding Partner | Board of Directors Doug Rohrbaugh Founding Partner | Board of Directors Tracy Rohrbaugh Principal | Managing Partner | Director of Interior Design and Human Resources John Beddia Principal | Managing Partner | Director of Operations Richard LeBlanc Principal | Board of Directors | Director of Design Brian Haines Principal | Director of Contract Administration Leah Shiley Principal | Director of Client Relations Randy Davis Principal | Director of Marketing and Communication Larry Levato Principal Jeffrey Straub Principal Joshua Bower Principal | Director of Architecture – VA Joseph Crabtree Principal | Project Manager M.E. Rowe Principal | Senior Interior Design Project Manager Scott Cousin Principal | Senior Project Manager Anthony Colestock Principal | Senior Project Manager Eric Lee Principal | Director of Finance Meghan Rohrbaugh Principal | HR Benefits Manager Frank Augustine Construction Administrator Rona Augustine Senior Architectural Project Coordinator Kelsey Boeshore Marketing Coordinator Patrick Brady Senior Architectural Project Coordinator Bruce Burchfield Project Architect Jonnathan Calle Intern Architect Drew Cerjanic Project Architect Stephanie Dando Graduate Architect Sean Douty Project Manager Amanda Harry Architectural Project Coordinator Arif Hasanbhai Senior Project Designer Clay Helfrick Graduate Architect Grace Heiland Project Manager Michele Johnson Administrative Assistant Abigail Jones Senior Interior Designer Keith Karper Senior Project Manager Danette Keiper Senior Interior Design Project Manager Brian Kilgus Construction Administrator Kelsey Leed Project Manager Karyle Lindsay Office Manager Brian Lobel Senior Architectural Project Coordinator Tony Magaro Project Manager Kate McKay Interior Designer Elysia Mikkelsen Project Architect Madison Menard Graduate Architect Jeff Mogle Director of Information Technology Amy Moore Senior Interior Designer Jason Nye Senior Architectural Project Coordinator Alex Oleksa Graduate Architect John Pryor, Jr. Project Architect Danielle Rutherford Property Manager / Administrative Assistant Erica Schreffler Architectural Project Coordinator Nichole Seibert Senior Interior Designer David Seward Senior Architectural Project Coordinator Laura Sterling Marketing Manager Kyle Strock Senior Architectural Project Coordinator Jennifer Tharp Interior Design Project Manager Todd Vukmanic Senior Project Manager Lori Walls Director of Client Relations Seth Wentz Senior Project Manager Kevin Whitney Project Manager Frederick Withum, III Director of Educational Planning Rusen Yanik Senior Architectural Project Coordinator John Yarnall Construction Administrator

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