Mechanicsburg Kindergarten Academy

Mechanicsburg Area School District
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The Mechanicsburg ASD Kindergarten Academy welcomes all 400 Kindergarten students for the school district as well the District Offices.  Based upon information from district administration, educational staff, the modernized facility will accommodate the current educational program and incorporate flexibility for the building to evolve educationally over the next 20 years.  


In an effort to create smaller groups of students, classrooms are organized into educational “houses”, creating two groups of 9 classrooms, each with an open collaborative learning environment and small group instruction spaces. Each group includes restroom facilities directly adjacent to the classrooms to facilitate quick movement between the education and support activities, increasing educational instruction time.


The existing lobby was enlarged to create a main street for the Academy.  The main street serves the Main Entrance and the bus drop off at opposing ends of the building.  Located directly off this central space are several Collaborative Learning Areas.  These learning areas provide for individualized learning, small and large group gatherings due to the flexible furniture.

74,110 SF






Mechanicsburg, PA



January 01, 1970
MASD Kindergarten Academy
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