Bainbridge Elementary School

Elizabethtown Area School District
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Guiding Principles established for this project included infusing technology to enhance a 21st century learning program; the school should be a connection point within the community; spaces and furnishings must be flexible and adaptable; support project-based learning and encourage creativity and critical thinking incorporating the arts; encourage collaboration and promote cross-curricular learning; finally, support vertical learning.


The design addressed each of these Guiding Principles as well as modernized the existing Bainbridge Elementary School while supporting the educational programs for the 225 students, grades K-3.  Originally built in 1934, the design was sensitive to the historic nature of the school and its significance to the Community of Bainbridge.


The overall building organization and circulation was improved and created flexible learning spaces to support 21st century learning. These spaces include movable furniture and technology which now become and extension of the classroom with glass partisans walls which are easily opened to allow multiple classes to flow into an additional flexible space. These spaces are also have a connection to an outdoor learning space.

44,030 SF






Bainbridge, PA



January 01, 1970
Historic School Building Transformed for 21st Century Learning
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