Montebello Elementary / Middle School

Baltimore City Public Schools / MSA
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The interior renovation of the historic structure re-programed the school facility to meet 21st Century education. Internal building renovations located program spaces in better adjacency and use locations, incorporated spaces not provided currently which makes the building more community user friendly and provides the necessary teaching spaces required to support the PreK-8 enrollment. Also, the design incorporates flexibility with reconfigured Collaborative Learning Areas to be used as additional Teacher support and resource spaces, to provide additional classroom space for large or small group activities.


The renovation also addressed the need for dedicated community space which is common in the majority of Baltimore City Schools.


Exterior improvements to the surrounding site improved vehicular and pedestrian accessibility to the school’s entrances, enhance outdoor play and potential educational spaces, provide added safety for drop off/pick up procedures as well as alleviate students from crossing the busy streets surrounding the school.


Montebello ESMS is a historic structure, circa 1908. Our team also worked with Baltimore City Schools regarding new windows, doors and façade repair to upgrade the historic building.

80,000 SF






Baltimore, MD


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